Frequently Asked Questions about Verified Contributors

What is a verified contributor?
A verified contributor is a store employee who will submit information about product availability to our site on a regular basis.

Who can be a verified contributor?
In order to be a verified contributor, you must be an employee of one of the stores that is included on our site. We only need one verified contributor per store location and would prefer employees that work at least 5 days per week. Stores marked in bold here already have a verified contributor. We will also accept people who visit grocery stores frequently as part of their occupation (such as Instacart shoppers). Frequent shoppers that do not visit the stores as part of their occupation cannot be verified contributors at this time (but we would still appreciate your data contribution through our general survey!).

How much will I get paid?
Upon approval of your application, you will receive $1.75 for each verified survey that you fill out (max one per day). You can also earn a bonus of $10 for each contributor that you recruit to our program (after their first successful survey submission if they entered your name as the person referring them on their application).

How will I receive my payment?
You will receive a cash card in the mail. Payment will be sent out at the conclusion of the program, or once you collect $50 in your account.

How long does it take to fill out a survey?
It should take less than 5 minutes to fill out the survey each time.

When should I contribute data?
Please contribute data once per day that you are working at the store. You can contribute data before/after your shift or during a break.

How long will this program last?
The verified contributors program is not currently active. However, we are still collecting applications in anticipation of the program starting up again at a later date. Please apply if you may be interested in participating at a later date.

How will you know that my report is legitimate?
We use the location services on your browser to verify whether you are at the store when you are contributing data. Contributors whose reports do not meet the required standards may be terminated from the program.

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